Hi, thanks for visiting my music page!
I've found music to be a great friend in life.
It has partied with me and made me feel excited and happy.
It has cried with me when I've been sad.
And so many things in between!

It has introduced me to many of my other friends as well, including
fellow musicians and other lovers of music.
Thank you, music!

For anyone reading this, here are some samples of
my playing in various styles for you to enjoy.

Thank you for listening...

Playing Guitar


Counting only musical instruments (not vocals) I’ve been playing music since I was almost 8 years old. At that time my aunts started teaching me to play guitar. By that time I had been singing for years at family parties and with records.

Music for me is like a perfect drug. I’m not sure if you’ve heard “I want a new drug” by Huey Lewis, but music is in fact that drug that he wants. It makes you feel good when you want to feel good. Helps you through sad times, helps you concentrate on work when you need that. Motivates you to work out. And so many other things. And no deadly side effects!


In the past, I’ve played with bands that play Mexican music, Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz. I spent four years in the United States Marine Corps Band. I played for a few years with a Vietnamese band in the Seattle area. Recently I played with a small Romanian group. It was mostly American / English tunes but there were some fine Romanian songs interspersed which was great!


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